PO2 Dustin Long

PO2 Dustin Long

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I joined the Navy in October of 2000, as an Aviation Maintenance Mechanic. I completed boot Camp in December of 2000. My first Duty Station out of A-School was with VQ-4 Det. Patuxent River MD. In 2003 I re-enlisted for an additional 3 years just prior to transferring to AIMD Sigonella Sicily. in 2006, My orders changed to finish out my enlistment with VFA-86 in Beaufort SC.

Military Experiences

May 2006 - Jun 2007
Airframe Mechanic
Worked in the Corrosion Prevention department, and in the Airframes repair department. I enjoyed my time here and served my 30 days of actual sea time on the USS Enterprise. I worked with great people there, and my proudest moment, for me personally was speaking out in support of some of my fellow AM's during an open Mast. I felt that the Leadership was making scape goats out of some of our members for something that a kid that had transferred was responsible for, as well as failures of leadership. I stand by that moment, as one of my proudest.
Apr 2003 - May 2006
Airframe Mechanic
My dates may be a little off, but I thoroughly Loved serving at AIMD Sigonella.. It was an experience my family will never forget. I learned a lot of skills at the intermediate level, from painting, to composite repairs. I started off working in the tire shop, was trained in hazardous materials control, Worked in the Composite repair shop, and helped organize the Airframes department inventory. I also had the opportunity to immerse myself & my family into an entirely different culture. Sicilians are amazing people, who enjoy riposo, great food, and their discotecks!
Mar 2000 - Apr 2003
VQ-4 Det Patuxent River
Airframe Mechanic
I Enjoyed my job At Pax River, and Loved working on the E-6 Mercury. I will never forget my first duty station... and where I served during 9/11. Some of my notable moments at Pax river included 9/11, and accidentally tipping the potable water cart.

Academic Degrees

Academic Degrees

2010 - 2012

Mitchell Community College

Associate Degree, Associates of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering Technology

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i serve as the vice president of operations for the fathers' rights movement a national non-profit organization. i am also currently running for nc senate district 42.