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SGT Charles Bartell

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I enlisted in U.S. ARMY the first time in Jan 1983. 11B Ft. Benning School for wayward boys and Trouble makers. Jump school then off to Ft. Bragg. Have the knees to prove it. got out. Could not shake the Army bug. Enlisted in the reserves. Went N.B.C. school at Ft. McClellan, AL. Became the N.B.C. room NCO in my next two reserve units and in the Florida Guard in two units. Both of them where FUBARED bad. then back to the R.A. as a medic

Military Experiences

Jan 2003 - Jun 2010
Combat Medic
Standard medic duties. Combat life saver instructor. Standard combat operations. Became The Medical liaison between the base Hospital at Bagram air field and 1/32 INF 3rd BCT. 10th Mountain. As well as coordinating Medical Evacuations to landstuhl germany. And unofficial obtaining of needed supplies.
Dec 2001 - Dec 2002
4-7 CAV
Combat Medic
Basic Combat medic duties. Operate and maintain M577 Track, M113 Track and
Jan 2000 - Dec 2001
Team Leader
Medic section NCOIC. Combat life safer instructor. I was responsible for the Maintainer of all medical equipment. As well has keeping all unit medical records up to date to include Shot records, hearing exams to include making sure every one was properly fitted for the right ear plugs. Maintained class VII medical supplies and Field sanitation kits.
Jan 1984 - Jun 1985
Tow Gunner
GUNNER. 11H now 11B Basic Airborn operations Heavy Drop Rigging


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