SFC Michael McCauley

SFC Michael McCauley

Dates of Service: Sep 1983 - Aug 2004
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  • PVT Sep 83
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I'm just a poor boy from a poor family, I live, I work, I'll die. In the meantime Party On.

Military Experiences

Mar 1989 - Aug 2004
Senior Drill Instructor
I spent the next 10 years as a DI training BCT troops at FT. Leonard Wood, Ft. Dix, and Ft. Knox. I survived the cutbacks of the Clinton presidency, Converted my MOS to 12B, and attended several NCOES schools. In approximately 2001 or 02 I transitioned from being a DI to being the Company Training NCO, in which position I remained until my retirement in August 2004
Mar 1989 - Aug 2004
98th TD
Senior Drill Instructor
I left Active duty after 5 years and change with almost 4 years as a Spc4 in an over strength MOS with no hope of promotion for years to come. I enjoyed being in the military, so when I was offered the chance to join the Reserves at ETS I took it. I never imagined myself as an Army Drill Instructor, but the closest Reserve center to my home of record when I ETSed was a 98th Div. DI unit in Batavia NY so here I was on my way to being a DI and 12B Instructor. I had my first drill in March of 1989, was enrolled in DI academy at 100 North Forest Ave in Amherst NY, Recieved my promotion to SGT while in DI school. I Graduated from the course and received my Round Brown on the day the ground war started in the first Gulf war in 1991.
Jan 1987 - Feb 1989
Again, I was still an equipment operator responsible for maintaining and operating a D-7 Dozer and MW24C loader, I was in the 3rd Squad of the Equipment Platoon of the largest Engineer Company in the US Army. I learned to drive a bus while here as well as a Mercedes Benz 8 ton dump truck. I saw President Reagen speak at Brandenburg Gate and attended French Commando School while stationed in Berlin. I learned to speak some German and saw many sights that I never would have seen otherwise.
Mar 1984 - Dec 1986
Private through Spec-4
I was a heavy 62 E heavy equipment operator, I was in 2nd Squad, Horizontal Equipment Platoon. My jobs ranged from operating and maintaining Loaders, Dozers, and Pans, to driving duce and a half's, and 5-ton dumps. I was also licensed to drive 5 quarter and CUCV trucks. I was training to drive M915 Semi tractor-trailers when my orders for Germany came in and so never finished getting that license. I helped build the Horse Stables and Riding area on the Post, A BMX track in a nearby town, As well as several other projects that I don't recall now.


(4 months)
Jun 1985 - Sep 1985
Assisted in building a 90 mile Main Supply Road in the Aguan River Valley of Honduras. Running a D-7 bulldozer clearing jungle and cutting road grade.

Military Credentials

Individual & Special Skill Schools

Sep 1993

12B Combat Engineer MOS course

Jun 1990 - Jun 1991

98th Division Leadership Academy, Drill Sgt Course

Nov 1983 - Jan 1984

Heavy Equipment Operators Course


Sep 1987

French Commando Course

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None / Expired

Academic Degrees

Academic Degrees


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collecting militariacollecting most anything to do with vintage farming tools and equipment7d85f271 Firearms and Gunsrestoring and repairing antique farm tractors and steam enginestaking care of my collection of animals on my small hobby farm