PO2 Kristy Williams

PO2 Kristy Williams

Dates of Service: Aug 2004 - Aug 2009
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I joined the Navy in August 2004 right after finishing high school. After finishing boot I was stuck in Great Lakes Illinois until they decided what to do with all the airmen stuck there do to the hurricane that destroyed Pensacola, FL that year. I went to AM A school and C school in Norfolk, VA. I then went to VAW120 as my first command. My second and last command was VAW123. I got out in 2009.

Military Experiences

May 2007 - Aug 2009
Airframe Mechanic
Worked on E2C Hawkeye, Day shift ALPO in line shop. Ground support equipment license liaison: VAW123 & GSE school, Education PO, completed tool inventory daily and many other tasks daily.
May 2005 - May 2007
Airframe Mechanic
First command outside A and C school. E2C Hawkeye and C2A Greyhound. Airframe maintenance. Changed tires, changed hydraulic lines, fixed sheet metal issues, and corrosion control (paint and body).
Dec 2004 - May 2005
NAVSTA Norfolk
AM "C" school
Instructed on the E2C Hawkeye and C2A Greyhound.
Oct 2004 - Dec 2004
NAVSTA Norfolk
Airframe Mechanic
Instructed on the AM rate. Hydraulic repair and Sheet metal repair.


(6 months)
Jul 2007 - Dec 2007
Mediterranean, USS Enterprise
During this deployment I worked in my plane captain skills and got all my paperwork approved to be one. I was a brown shirt launching E2C Hawkeyes during deployment. We visitied France and Dubai during deployment. On the only beer day on board ship I was on duty, sadly.

Military Credentials

Professional Development Schools


AM "C" school E2C Hawkeye/C2A Greyhound

Individual & Special Skill Schools


Corrosion control

Additional Specialization(s)
Security Clearance

Academic Degrees

Academic Degrees

2019 - 2020

King University

Master's Degree, Nursing education

Started in 2016

2009 - 2013