SMSgt Lawrence McCarter

SMSgt Lawrence McCarter

Dates of Service: Jul 1966 - Oct 1997
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  • AB Jul 66
  • Amn Sep 66
  • A1C Aug 67
  • Sgt Oct 68
  • SSgt Dec 70
  • TSgt Sep 83
  • 1stSgt Mar 87
  • SMSgt Apr 91

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1974 to 1976 Police Officer, Falmouth (MA) Police Dept 1976 to 1997 Police Officer Sherborn (MA) Police Dept. Pinkerton Security and Investigations, Operations Manager Pinkerton Government Services, Armed Supervisor Present, Bay Colony Investigators Brookline Police Academy, Brookline, MA

Military Experiences

Jul 1981 - Oct 1997
Air/Security Police/ Security Forces
Security Police/Forces manager, Supt of Operations, Supt of Admin, Security Police Investigations, Flight Chief, Patrol Supervisor, Desk Sergeant and 1st Sergeant.
May 1971 - Apr 1974
15 SFS
Security Police
Law Enforcement Flight Chief and before that Patrol Supervisor and Desk Sergeant.
Apr 1971 - Apr 1974
Security Police, Flight chief, Patrol Supervisor, Desk Sergeant
Law Enforcement duties on Base Police.
Nov 1970 - Apr 1971
Law Enforcement


(1 year, 1 month)
Ended in Jul 1972
Republic of China, Taiwan
Escort with US Cadets on exchange with the Chinese Air Force, Repubic of China (Taiwan) on International Air Cadet Exchange, IACE
Apr 1968 - Apr 1969
Vietnam ribbon
Vietnam War
12th Security Police Squadron, Base Security 366th Security Police Squadron, Law Enforcement and Base Security

Military Credentials

Professional Development Schools


USAF Management Course

Individual & Special Skill Schools

Ended in Aug 1991

Security Police Supt Course, Lackland AFB, TX

0 - Mar 1978

Brookline Police Academy, Brookline, MA

Additional Specialization(s)
Security Clearance
None / Expired

Academic Degrees

Academic Degrees

1974 - 1976

1973 - 1974

University of Hawaii – Manoa

America Studies & History

Personal Information

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