LTC Daniel Rickett

LTC Daniel Rickett

Dates of Service: Nov 1970 - Aug 1993
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  • 2LT Aug 68
  • 1LT Aug 71
  • CPT Aug 74
  • MAJ Nov 81
  • LTC Feb 88
Commissioning Source:  ROTC, Aug 1968

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Volunteered for ROTC so as to complete my BA in 1968. Commissioned 2LT, Armor, FT Riley and after college graduation, I obtained a two year deferment to take my Masters in Psychology. While at AOB FT Knox, my orders were changed from FT Lewis/Vietnam to FT Benning where I served as the IHRU/HumRRO VOLAR Project Officer. That assignment converted me from 'marking time' to 'lifer'. Still Army Proud!

Military Experiences

Oct 1990 - Aug 1993
Director, Planning, Programming and Budgeting
Develop, recommend and justify Army medical RDT&E resource requirements, strategies, plans, programs, and budgets. Drafted Defense Medical S&T strategy, implemented CG program R&As.
Oct 1987 - Oct 1990
Executive Assistant and Technology Staff Officer
Deputy Surgeon General (R&D) S&T staff officer, then EA and LNO to the ASA(RDA) for medical S&T, then ASA(RDA)-designated DA Chem/Bio Tech Staff Officer, OASA(RDA). Work HQDA PPBES and CBD SME issues.
Jun 1986 - Oct 1987
Chief, Research Plans and Programs Division
Responsible to the Commander for integrating DoD medical chemical defense S&T programs, CWA surety and safety, and foreign and domestic technology transfer. Member of Army, DoD, US and NATO groups.
Jun 1983 - Jun 1986
Medical Chemical Defense Staff Officer
Develop Command PPBES input and justification for Medical Chemical Defense RDTE; nerve agent medical countermeasures SME, lead CG Task Force on exigent fielding of nerve agent pretreatment.

Academic Degrees

Academic Degrees

1972 - 1975

University Of Missouri - Columbia

Doctorate, Experimental Psychology

1968 - 1970

1964 - 1968

Westminster College, Fulton, MO

Bachelor's Degree, Psychology