SGT Mark Saint Cyr

SGT Mark Saint Cyr

Dates of Service: Apr 1980 - Apr 1998
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  • PVT May 80
  • PV2 Nov 80
  • PFC May 81
  • SPC Dec 82
  • SGT Jul 86

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B. Philadelphia, PA. Franklin Hospital. Lived in East Falls area until family moved to Mesa, AZ (HOR) in 1967. Graduated Mesa High, 1980, mid year grad in Jan '80, in the Army 3 months later.

Military Experiences

Mar 1992 - Apr 1998
PAC Clerk
PAC Center NCO. Attached to Service Battery, 1st/180th FA, as the Company Clerk. This was a National Guard (part time) position.
May 1993 - Sep 1993
MP Team Chief
Assigned FTTD (full time training duty) with the JCNTF (Joint Counter Narcotics Task Force) and worked several pole cams, and TDY in support of other agencies such as the ATF, DEA & BIA. Received a letter of Commendation from the city of Phoenix Police Chief, Dennis Garrett, during what was then the largest cocaine bust in Phoenix history, when working a pole cam with the DEA & James Molina. As shown this was a FTTD and done concurrent with my time in the National Guard.
Jul 1988 - Jul 1991
Signal Support NCO
Radio Systems Team Chief. Additional duty of Unit Retention NCO, for about 2 years during this time. Heavy (Digital) Tropo, AN-TRC 170s. This was a National Guard (part time) position.
Apr 1986 - Jul 1988
Signal Operator
Radio Systems Operator. Heavy Tropo, AN-TRC 132s. This was a National Guard (part time) position.

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