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CW5 Sam R. Baker

Dates of Service: Oct 1987 - Dec 2020
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  • SPC Dec 89
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Retired after serving more than 33 years with 28 of those in the Aviation branch. Have had one heck of a time serving our Nation with the finest of people from all over the country and world defending our Nation's freedom. I am looking forward to the next chapter and starting a new career while sharing some of my experience having served next to the Nations finest.

Military Experiences

Sep 2020 - Dec 2020
110th AV BDE
Warrior in Transition
Looking for employment opportunities in the Wiregrass and USAACE/Fort Rucker area.
Oct 2019 - Aug 2020
110th AV BDE
Command Chief Warrant Officer
Command Chief Warrant Officer for the TRADOC Aviation Training Brigade with the largest collection (TDA) of warrant officers in the world with 360 assigned warrant officers from CW2-CW5. Mentor, advisor, leader and command group representative for the warrant officer cohort while remaining technically and tactically proficient in the Chinook. Recruiter of young talent to apply for and get selected for flight school.
Jun 2018 - Oct 2019
110th AV BDE
Senior Warrant Officer Advisor & Chief of Standardization
Advisor to the Commander on all warrant officer issues, mentorship, and actions. Additionally responsible to advise and develop standardization for the only aviator flight training brigade in the United States Army with initial and graduate flight training courses. Advisor and senior standardization officer assisting in the development of virtual reality simulation into primary training, the development or reintegration of tactical flying where the terrain is king. Advise and assist the subordinate commands and brigade staff with administrative and personnel issues concerning talent management in the warrant officer cohort. Work directly with USAACE headquarters, Human Resources Command and other elements of the aviation enterprise in the management, development and execution of aviaton.
Dec 2014 - Jun 2018
Command Chief Warrant Officer
Combat Aviation Brigade Senior Warrant Officer advisor to the commander and staff on all things warrant officer for the 324 plus warrant officers from 16 branches. Counsel and mentor all elements of the chain of command on warrant officer issues to include professional military education, schooling, career progression, assignments, management and discipline.


(4 years, 3 months)
Feb 2017 - Apr 2017
Operation Freedoms Sentinel
Command Chief Warrant Officer for task Force Victory and Standardization Instructor Pilot for the CH-47F community throughout the task forces for all of Afghanistan. Senior Warrant Officer advisor for the entire aviation task force in ORS and OFS.
Aug 2016 - Nov 2016
Operation Freedoms Sentinel
Command Chief Warrant Officer for Task Force Victory (known as the Combat Aviation Brigade, 1st Infantry Division (-)) and Standardization Pilot for the CH-47F Chinook. Battle Field circulated to JAF, KAF and BAF, in addition to expeditionary locations to raise morale, identify and solve issues that units and customers needed while relevant.
Feb 2011 - Feb 2012
Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) - Afghanistan
HHC/7-101 GSAB, RC-S, Kandahar, Task Force Lift Standardization Officer for the largest aviation TF possibly ever assembled. 86 aircraft were assigned to our battalion and while conducting missions and training, was responsible for making sure that all attached and organic units were informed and trained to meet the rigors of the deployment.
Nov 2005 - Nov 2006
Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF)
B/2-4 GSAB, Platoon Leader and Instructor Pilot for B/2-4 Aviation. Was the spearhead for the "BAGHDAD AIRLIFT" which conducted nightly movement in the Baghdad area all things required: Soldiers, equipment, beans and bullets, and security. The SHEEPDOGS were an honor to have served with.

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BDE Pre-Command Course Phase I

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Rotory Wing Instrument Examiner Course

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Personnel Recovery Briefer (Advanced)

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