SGT Shannon Weaver Logan

SGT Shannon Weaver Logan

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  • PVT Apr 95
  • PV2 Sep 96
  • PFC Jul 97
  • SPC Aug 99
  • CPL Oct 00
  • SGT Nov 01

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Military Experiences

Apr 2001 - Jun 2003
Military Police Officer (MP) Squad Leader
Providing command and control for other military police groups in the region. provide law enforcement and force protection duties to United States Army Europe.
Feb 1997 - Jun 2001
Military Police Officer (MP) Squad leader
Perform patrol duties, make arrests and enforce the law. Traffic duty, Gate duty. Investigate minor crimes. Dispatch duty and guarding any person that has been arrested. We als provided safety and security for all concerts that came to the post.
Aug 1995 - Feb 1997
AWOL Officer
My first mission was helping out at the bombing site in OKC Federal Building. That was one of the most saddest things I had seen until 9/11. I was in charge of the soldiers who went AWOL. I took them to all of there appointments and then guarded them while they worked.


(21 years, 7 months)
Jul 2000 - Present

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