Brig Gen Jim Jaeger

Brig Gen Jim Jaeger

Dates of Service: Jun 1972 - Aug 1997
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  • 2d Lt Jun 72
  • 1st Lt Jun 74
  • Capt Jun 76
  • Maj Nov 82
  • Lt Col May 85
  • Col Oct 89
  • Brig Gen Sep 93
Commissioning Source:  USAFA, Jun 1972

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Twenty five great years serving our country, much of it applying national intelligence to support military operations in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and throughout the Cold War. Great opportunities to command units from detachment to division and center. My thanks to great mentors along the way like Major John Lynch and LtCol Dick Lees. Transitioned to industry and the cyber world. As Chief Cyber Services Strategist for General Dynamics Fidelis Cybersecurity, Jim is responsible for developing and evolving the company's cyber services strategy while synchronizing it with product strategy. Jim previously managed the Network Defense and Forensics business area at General Dynamics Fidelis Cybersecurity Solutions, including the Digital Forensics Lab. In this role, he led cyber forensics investigations into the largest breaches.

Military Experiences

Feb 1996 - Aug 1997
Joint Staff Intelligence
First/only non-Navy J2 in the history of US Atlantic Command. Directed intelligence and counter-intelligence operations in support of US Forces in Haiti. Transitioned responsibility to Canadian led UN Forces. Directed intelligence support to counter drug operations in the Caribbean. Managed exercise scenario development for the Joint Training, Analysis, and Simulation Center (JTASC). Mentored J2 exercise participants.
Jun 1994 - Jan 1996
Assistant Director of Operations
Military Assistant (Deputy) to the Deputy Director for Operations (Bob Mueller and Barbara McNamara). Also Deputy Chief of the Central Security Services for VADM Mike McConnell
Jul 1991 - Jun 1994
Commanded the US nuclear treaty monitoring organization
Jul 1990 - Jun 1991
Commanded the Pacific 1/3 of AFISRA. Included 7 groups and squadrons based at Clark, Kadena, Osan, Yakoda, Misawa, Eielson, Elmendorf and Kunia, HI. Cyber advisor to PACAF/DO

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Professional Development Schools

Jul 1986 - Jun 1987

Aug 1982 - Jun 1983

Individual & Special Skill Schools

Aug 1972 - Dec 1972

Signals Intelligence Officer Course


Aug 1968


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German (2/3)

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Academic Degrees


University of New Hampshire, Whittmore School of Business

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