SN Craig Ralston

SN Craig Ralston

Dates of Service: Jul 1978 - Sep 1982
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Back working at Comcast, I'm the guy who comes to your house and fixes your cable/internet/telephone when it's not working right. Almost everyday I love my job (I've been a cable guy for over 30 years) but there are days when I wonder what the hell was I thinking! I'm an extreme extrovert so I do well walking into peoples houses and making them comfortable with me being there.

Military Experiences

Dec 1978 - Sep 1982
While on the Big E I had the happy experience of chipping paint in SFOMS Division, Chipping,grinding and painting in the Voids department, and working the Vents department, everytime a TAD was up my hand shot in the air! I spent almost my whole enlistment in Bremerton WA. in the PSNS Shipyard doing rehab on the big E.


(7 months)
Mar 1982 - Sep 1982
Western Pacific
in all my time in I was TAD every chance I got, but I only made 1 west pac tour and it wasn't a complete one.

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Academic Degrees

1983 - 2004

Arapahoe Community College

Broadband project management

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