SFC William Linnell

SFC William Linnell

Dates of Service: Sep 1984 - Jun 2012
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Born and raised in Maine. Joined the Army and traveled the world and the states. 2 tours in Germany for about 6 years. 2nd tour was the same barracks, motor pool, and had the same barber as Elvis. Did a lot of instructor duties, A2 NETT, TC/Instructor at Knox. Then my last 5 yrs was with the Combat Advisor mission. Retired and came home to be around family. MOS: 19K48K4 T1B.

Military Experiences

Apr 2003 - Oct 2006
Tank Commander
Tank Commander/Instructor to Armor basic trainees. Worked as the BN S-2 for a year.
May 2000 - Mar 2003
Tank Platoon Sergeant
Responsible for 17 Soldiers, 5 tanks, a LT.
Sep 1996 - Jun 1999
Tank GNR then Tank Commander


(2 years)
Oct 2009 - Feb 2010
Afghanistan ribbon
Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) - Afghanistan
162d Infantry BDE LNO stationed at Camp Phoenix to different units handling the Combat Advisors in Afghanistan.
Jan 2007 - Jan 2008
Afghanistan ribbon
Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) - Afghanistan
Combat Advisor team embedded with the 201st Kandak of the Afghan Border Police. Covering the Kunar, Nangahar Provinces and the Tora Bora region.
Jan 1991 - Jun 1991
Southwest asia ribbon
Operation Desert Shield/Storm
Operation Desert Shield, Storm, Operation Desert Resolve. I was an M1A1H tank gunner.

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