LTC Wayne Brandon

LTC Wayne Brandon

Dates of Service: Jan 1969 - May 1996
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  • PFC Oct 69
  • CPL Jun 70
  • SGT Jul 71
  • 2LT May 74
  • 1LT Oct 77
  • CPT Oct 78
  • MAJ Jun 88
  • LTC Aug 93
Commissioning Source:  ROTC, May 1974

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Served my community & this nation in uniform for a total of 27 years, both as a police officer and a soldier. Have always taken the opportunity to gain as much knowledge as I could get & share it with my compatriots & colleagues in support of both their goals & for the benefit of the community & the Army. Skills learned by my association with the Army paid dividends in my civilian careers. Adept at training, planning, coordination between departments & agencies. Certified Diversity Trainer Certified Police Officer Certified Police Firearms Instructor Emergency Medical Technician Arson Investigation Trainer Property Claims Law Trainer Casualty Claims Law Trainer Experienced in Curriculum Design & Development Experienced Classroom Instructor Experienced Entrepreneur (started & running two successful businesses)

Military Experiences

Mar 1995 - May 1996
Brigade Executive Officer
Manage brigade level communications, logistics and administration; Support battalion level communications, logistics and administration; Assume command in the absence of the commander; Oversee disposition and propriety of awards and decorations Last position held prior to retirement May 1996
Aug 1990 - Mar 1995
Battalion Commander
Overall command and control of an Infantry training battalion (USAR) with the MOB mission to capstone with the RA at Ft. Benning to train RA Infantry soldiers in the OSUT environment. Duties involved maintenance of Drill Sergeant strength, MOSQ, and all other skills related to the 11B & 11C CMF. Prepared the first FSG which was used as the model for the division following a successful MRX in preparation for Desert Storm.
Oct 1989 - Aug 1991
Battalion Executive Officer
Simultaneously filled the position of the battalion S-3 for 9 months until another officer could be assigned. As Battalion Executive Officer, I was responsible for oversight of the following: Battalion Training Records Management; Battalion Personnel and Medical Records Management; Battalion Logistics Management; Battalion Officer Development Training Battalion OPSEC and SAEDA briefings; Serve as proxy for the Battalion Cdr.
May 1987 - Oct 1990
Director of Enlisted Instruction
Recruit, train and manage instructors for the 9 MOS producing courses offered by the USARF school. Prepared and published the training plan and standards for the 11B reclassification school (from soft MOS' to Infantry) which was approved and adopted for use by Ft. Benning and successfully carried out at Ft. McCoy, WI 1990. Serve as the reclassification and MOS producing courses primary point of contact for all USAR and NG units in our service area.

Military Credentials

Professional Development Schools

Sep 1974 - Dec 1974


Sep 1972 - May 1974

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None / Expired

Academic Degrees

Academic Degrees

2001 - 2004

Insurance Institute of America

Job/Skill Training, Insurance Law - Senior Claims Law Associate

1999 - 2008

Bethany Baptist College & Seminary

Master's Degree, Divinity

1972 - 1974

Personal Information

preparing curriculum and teaching post graduate students at bethany baptist college & seminary. hobby: restoration of vintage chrysler products.