Sgt Randy Wilber

Sgt Randy Wilber

Dates of Service: Aug 1981 - Aug 1987
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I'm married to a nurse she works in the cath lab. I have a son who is in last semester of nursing school. We lost our oldest son Wesley on January 29th 2017 he was a Christian so I look forward to seeing him again some day. I'm into motorcycles and am in a motorcycle club that honors our Veterans and military. I'm a Christian and try to live by Christ example.

Military Experiences

Apr 1983 - Aug 1987
Tank Commander
After Tank school I went to Camp Swhab Okinawa, Then stationed at Camp Fuji Japan, before I was stationed at Camp Lejeune.
1983 - Aug 1987
2nd Tanks
Tank Commander
I was light section leader in tank park when I got out of the USMC in August 1987


Started in 1986
2nd Tank Bn A Co 6 month Company deployment
Started in 1984
Vieques Puerto Rico
2nd Tank Bn A co 2nd Plt for training
South korea
South Korea
Vieques Puerto Rico

Academic Degrees

Academic Degrees

1994 - 1999

ITT Educational Services, Inc.

Mantainance Repairman

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