SP5 Robert Ruck

SP5 Robert Ruck

Dates of Service: Nov 1970 - Nov 1973
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  • PVT Nov 70
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I began a career as an investigator with the U.S. Treasury Dept in 1975. I retired as a Special Agent with the Treasury Inspector General Office in 2003. As a Special Agent I earned my Certified Fraud Association certification. It is on the level of a CPA certification. I haven't kept it up since I retired. As a Special Agent I investigated bribery, assaults on employees, embezzlement, disclosure. I ETS'd from the Army in Nov. 1973. I began my career with the U.S. Treasury Dept. in Sept. 1975. I retired from my Government service after 31 years in January 2003. My wife and I then built a horse ranch to breed and raise Arabian show horses which we still own. I try to travel around the country three or four times a year and spend three months during the summer, off the grid, at my land in SE Wyoming.

Military Experiences

Apr 1971 - Nov 1973
Programmer Test Station Operator
After basic I went through Pershing Missile Crewman School at Fort Sill. I was assigned to 'C' Battery 3rd/84th FA in Neckarsulm, W. Germany. I was promoted to Programmer Test Station Operator ( Spec. 5 ). I rotated from Germany and spent my last 6 months back at Ft. Sill. As a PTS operator I was responsible for programming, operating and maintaining the countdown computer for the Pershing Nuclear Guided Missile System. Intelligence data, gathered from various sources was input to the computer and from the data targets were selected. Azimuth layers provided directional data which was fed through the PTS into the guidance and control section of the missile. An air or surface detonation sequence was selected and the missile was ready to countdown and fire.
Jan 1971 - Apr 1971
Pershing Missile Crewman School. This school taught the basics about the Pershing Missile System in preparation for deployment to a Pershing Missile Firing Crew in West Germany. Training included hands on experience involving mating the two motor sections, the guidance section and the warhead section. There was familiarity training involving the different components of an actual missile system including the erector launcher, the programmer test station and the power station.
Nov 1970 - Jan 1971


(3 years, 3 months)
May 1973 - Nov 1973
'B' Battery 3rd/9th FA Ft. Sill Ok.
Squad Leader for Repairs and Utilities Squad. My squad was responsible for maintainance for the Platoon barracks including plumbing, electrical and general maintainance.
Apr 1971 - Apr 1973
1rst Platoon, 'C' Battery 3rd/84th FA Neckarsulm, W Germany
Mostly a Programmer Test Station Operator in a Pershing Missile crew.
Jan 1971 - Apr 1971
Ft. Sill, OK.
Pershing Missile Crewman school.
Nov 1970 - Jan 1971
Ft. Dix, NJ.
Basic Training

Military Credentials

Professional Development Schools

Jan 1971 - Apr 1971

Pershing Missile Crewman school

Individual & Special Skill Schools

May 1972

Basic Leadership School


Apr 1972

Master Pershing Professional

Security Clearance
Top Secret

Academic Degrees

Academic Degrees

1997 - 1998

Boston University

N/A, Masters Degree work in Criminal Justice


Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE)

Job/Skill Training


Loyola College in Baltimore

NA, Psychology

1967 - 1970

Personal Information

shooting sports and taking care of pets.travel reading