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Cpl Gabriel F.
Muslims are not required to keep their word or honor agreements with non believers, the government or people they are fighting. This is war. Just like the commies used cease fire agreements to gain the advantage in Vietnam. TET, bombing halts. The Japanese would wave the white flag then attack. North Korean attacked without a declaration of war and Chinese joined in with "volunteers" that would wave the white flag and then attack. North Korean diplomats agreed to cease fire and used stall tactics to gain the advantage towards the end of the Korean War. The U.S. State Department and liberals will say "oh they are not all like that" because they are stupid and our enemies know it.
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I would like to correct this disbelief that Muslims do not have keep their word or honor agreements, whatever those are. Muslims must be truthful and honest with all. However just like believers of other faith's, there are those that are Muslim in name only. The Taliban, ISIS, or DASH are political or ideological in their beliefs and are drastically divergent from Islam. That is why a military solution that does not include an effort to dissuade aberrant ideology will not be successful.
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