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Sexual assault is a stain upon humanity. While I agree that our military represents every cross section of society, this offense betrays our values. These values which we hold fast are intended to keep us safe while we defend our country and complete our mission. Commission of these offenses violates the oath we gave to protect this nation. I believe that this practice of retaliating against a member who reports an assault carries the same guilt as the offender. We have an obligation to both the offender and the victim to see the process through. Retaliation only silences the victim and rewards the offender. We need to stand against these acts of retaliation with the same valor we defend our country.
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I know. Victims are so traumatized from the crime and then the retaliation many cannot speak up. They suffer in silence and many die from risky behaviors or suicide. Others become homeless and continue to suffer from wrongful discharges with no VA benefits. This is an ugly cancer in our society.
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