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LTC Jeff Shearer
Ivan I have to be honest with you, now that I am sitting on the sidelines as an observer no longer a participant, NK scares the hell out of me. They scare me for the simple fact that fat boy is spoiled brat with no concept what real life is about. He will do things, bad things for the sake of impressing his starving people. I am afraid before this is over we are going to have to turn Mattis loose on the fat boy. When we do we need to kill fat boy, all his family, all his military and political leadership. I could go on but I have not finished my coffee yet. I am sure I will be back haha
LT Brad McInnis
LT Brad McInnis
4 y
LTC Jeff Shearer I agree with you sir! I will say I see it as a good sign that he reached out to SK leader the other day. I just don't see a solution to this other than a complete toppling of the regime, and then the question is what happens after? When I was doing an Exercise in South Korea years ago, the South Koreans were of 2 minds: One they wanted to meet relatives up North, but were scared of the humanitarian issues with a dirt poor country. Enjoy your coffee, I recommend Black Rifle Blackbeard's Delight Blend!
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