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SGT Tiffanie G.
Hobbies: (Some turned business):
Writing - YA/Adult books
Writing and Illistrating - Kid's books
Book Cover design and Illustration - all levels
Leading a choir
Volunteering to Teach at church or Paid substitute teaching at schools
Writing Songs and lyrics
Learning to play an instrument ( or 4)
Running an RPG game (Role Playing Game - many different genre)
Painting miatures
Doing Traditional Art
Doing Digital Art
Doing Content creation for 3D assets - including, texturing and modelling
Sewing and design
Website design
Creating Renn Faire or other faire clothing (Rendevous, Civil War, Mountainman, etc)
Cooking - trying new recopies, teaching a child or teen to cook
Acting - community theatre, Renn Faire
Teaching Webinars - favorite subject
Serving on community boards - art, music, etc
Child Care
House Cleaning, Repair, Handy man
Animal Training, care, walking
POD - (Print on Demand store)
LCB - (Low Content Books store)
Monitoring (or starting) a social media forum on favorite subject
Starting and running a YouTube Channel (or pick Rumble, Odysee, Vimeo, BitChute, Locals)
Singing in a choir or playing in a band, or orchestra (or starting a band!)
Taking a course from "The Great Courses" or on SkillShare or Khan's Academy
Writing a tutorial or course for SkillShare, How.com, Khan's Academy, Udemy, Envato Elements
Learn Photography
Learn an Art skill
Learn to cook, or sew, or do leatherwork, or forge work, or re-pack ammo
Do embroidery or knitting or crocheting - donate to neonatal care units, or wound care units
Learn a new type of exercise or a martial art
Do journalling, art journalling, bullet journalling
Read! (and give reviews for the book!)
Volunteer at an animal shelter or a Riding arena/boarding stable
Learn to Dance - any kind you like! Maybe a hakka!
Learn a new language - Duolingo has lots of them, including some endangered ones.
Volunteer with DAV, or Meals on Wheels, or other group

That's what I came up with - 98% of those I have done at least once, and many of them I'm still doing.
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