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1SG Steven Imerman
My Korean wife and her friends would agree heartily with this. We live in a very white area, the Ozarks, and none of them have had a problem (evidently rednecks tend not to target Asians). However, they all have friends and relatives living in other areas, mainly large urban areas, who report a surge in verbal and physical assaults, a surge mainly from the black minority group. This is nothing new. White officers beat Rodney King back in 1991, and starting on 29 April, 1992 there were 5 days of intense rioting where the main targets were Korean owned businesses. Worse, the black mayor, Tom Brady, pulled the cops back allowing the crowds to spread destruction as they wished. In major American urban areas, black on Asian crime has never really stopped since the 1990s.
Sgt Jim Belanus
Sgt Jim Belanus
3 y
I would tend to agree with you. I live an very much like you. We have Europeans, a group of natives, a few black and asians in the general area. I haven't seen cases of racism here. Good people reflect on good people and race doesn't matter that much in my area.
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