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Military Identity
Claim your online military identity

Establish your online military identity by building your secure military profile on RallyPoint.

Current service member profiles are only available to other verified military members, and emphasizes your experiences, skills, expertise, and education.

  • Highlight your unique potential within our private community
  • Completely secure and visible only to current military professionals
  • Control what other members can view using your privacy settings
Professional Network
Grow your professional network inside and outside military

Your military network is critical to your professional development and career advancement – take control of it on RallyPoint.

The professional military community comes together on RallyPoint to stay connected, to discover new connections, and to keep in touch with each other's careers.

  • Connect with the individuals and units you serve or used to serve in 
  • Learn more about your colleagues and military peers
  • Discover where your professional network can take you
Military Career
Take charge of your career

Gain unprecedented insight into your career options and begin to influence your own trajectory both inside and outside the military.

Evaluate important career decisions with greater clarity and transparency.

  • Compare your promotion and career progress to that of your peers/mentors and learn from their decisions
  • Gain insight into assignment opportunities and discover how they can help shape your career
  • Make better decisions about career opportunities – whether you are staying in, getting out, or already separated
Military Identity
Discover the best PCS opportunities

Do you ever feel stuck with the options the military has presented you for PCS opportunities? Do you wish you had more insight into desirable career positions? Do you ever wonder how people actually found some of the best billets that you never knew existed?

RallyPoint levels the playing field by empowering you with full transparency into units across the entire Armed Forces.

  • Gain insight into unique PCS opportunities the military won’t tell you about
  • Track the availability of unique opportunities best suited for your career
  • Leverage your network to secure the assignments you want
Track Career
Track career updates of military peers and units in real time

You probably already use Facebook to track your friends' social updates, but how about the career updates and activities of your fellow military peers? Who’s going to the best schools and moving into competitive new duty positions?

Follow the professional activities of your own network and any unit in the world. Be the first to know when units get new members, or when positions become available for your next PCS.

  • Receive updates on your own military network’s professional achievements
  • Follow units you’ve previously served in -- or units in which you hope to serve in the future
  • Be the first to know what others are doing across the military community
Military Identity
Perfect Job
Connect with employers that value your military experience
Military Identity

Whether we serve for 3 or 30 years, someday we all transition to a civilian career. RallyPoint puts you in the driver's seat and connects you with the private sector's most powerful firms who want you on their team.

RallyPoint translates your military experiences for civilian employers, and connects you with companies and other veterans seeking your skills.

  • RallyPoint connects you with veterans all across the work force, so you'll always be able to connect with others with your background, no matter where you want to work
  • Companies today are looking for people with your background – RallyPoint makes that connection possible and puts you in complete control
  • Secure the civilian job that’s best for you – now possible even long before you transition