Posted on Feb 26, 2015
SSG Norman Lihou
Speaking before the House Seapower and Projections Forces subcommittee on the Navy budget, Mulloy also said the Chinese have expanded their undersea missions and patrols as well.

They are producing some fairly amazing submarines. They’ve now had three deployments in the Indian Ocean. They are expanding where their submarines go,” Mulloy told the subcommittee. “We know they are out experimenting and working and operating and certainly want to be in the world of advanced submarines.”

Mulloy also cited Chinese production and testing of submarine launched weapons and said that one SSBN – or ballistic missile submarine capable of launching nuclear weapons – went on a 95-day patrol.

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CW5 Desk Officer
Edited 7 y ago
I hope we never go head to head against China. And I don't think we will. I think this "face-off" will be something like what we had with the Soviet Union during the Cold War. M.A.D. (Mutually Assured Destruction)

I think China is probably near or ahead of us in many areas. And we're likely ahead of China in just as many - if not more - areas. But I don't think there's a good chance we will ever actually face off in a "real" war with China. At least I comfort myself with that thought/hope.
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