Posted on May 16, 2017
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UPDATE: This is not just a Washington Post story. The basic facts have been confirmed by both Donald Trump in his tweets and McMaster - both of whom focused on the President's "personal authority" to disclose any classified information - and the fact that the classified information was "appropriately shared" with Russians. Whatever their formal opinion and defense may be - the sharing of foreign allied intelligence community material without prior clearance and coordination by both domestic and involved foreign source intelligence agencies has many in our intelligence community and congressional oversight committees - not to mention foreign allied intelligence agencies - deeply concerned about this kind of casual off the cuff sharing of intelligence material with common enemy. The implication is they may be need to carefully review and substantially redact intelligence information provided to Donald Trump - because he is a loose cannon who acts first - and relies on his staff to contact the intelligence agencies to provide a heads up after the fact - and approach the Washington Post with requests to redact classified information from their story to protect national security interests.

ORIGINAL: Donald Trump is reported by numerous organizations including our congressional intelligence committee members - to have disclosed classified information and compromised sources of classified information - to russian officials and intelligence officers - specifically provided by foreign allied intelligence community partners under conditions that the classified information would not be compromised. The white house defense is the president has the absolute authority to disclose any intelligence information he chooses and that he was unaware of the sensitivity of the information and sources of the information. How is anyone - any domestic or foreign official - going to be able trust either the president of the united states - or the united states intelligence community - to protect classified information - particularly when provided by foreign intelligence officials? The further defense is an effort by the white house to pivot to a search for the person who "leaked" the facts surrounding this disclosure to the congress, press, and public. What I find particularly interesting is the utter absence of any Republican defense for these disclosures by congressmen and intelligence officials not directly under control of the white house. Keep in mind the president's office does not have the purported authority to declassify and disclose allied intelligence partner provided information without consulting and obtaining permission from the foreign allied intelligence partner providing the information. Warmest Regards, Sandy :)
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