Posted on Oct 12, 2017
Kaitlyn A.
I'm interested in joining the army as an officer and I have a bachelor's in business administration, but my GPA was quite low at 2.6. I understand that is not considered competitive, but I would simply like to know my odds of getting in with that GPA. My GPA declined my last year in college and this was due in part to working full time, participating in pitch competitions, and being in an on campus organization. I'm not excusing it, but trying to provide some background info. I am currently working in a field related to my degree and major as a project manager at a market research firm. I know that I would have to score extremely well with my PT score and I'm working with a trainer to improve that and I would also have to do well on the ASVAB. I normally test well and I'm also studying to prepare for that. I currently have four letters of recommendation: 2 from former employers, 1 from a former E9 in the navy, and 1 from a former O5 in the army. I'm also planning on getting one from the CEO/President of my current company. I know that my GPA works against me, but I would simply like some up to date odds on the likelihood of being able to join as an officer.

***UPDATE, 11/9/17: I requested information from all branches about joining as an officer and I've got serious interest from a Navy recruiter despite my GPA. He's pushing me to take the ASTB/OAR and get started on a packet. I will continue to update as this progresses.***

***UPDATE 5/11/18: I was waiting on my medical records to get info regarding an accident I had been in and I guess it took too long because now my recruiter won't answer my messages. I've reached out to the Navy for another recruiter. Hopefully I won't have to redo all the paperwork I've already done. I was told I wouldn't be forwarded to another recruiter until there was no contact for 6 months, but I'd rather not wait that long.***
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