Posted on Nov 23, 2015
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From: USMC Life

A Marine veteran who fought in Fallujah was attacked by an airman who believed he was lying about serving in the Corps. It happened over the weekend at The Long Shot, an Arden-area bar, according to CBS Sacramento.

The Marine veteran, Michael Delfin says he tried to show the airman his ID, but he believed he was looking for a fight.

“I noticed a guy had a fade and he asked me if I was in the service and he said, ‘Yeah, I’m in the Air Force,’ and I said, ‘Oh I was in the Corps,’” he said.

The airman was looking for an active duty CAC card, but since Delfin was a veteran, he only had this VA card – he was accused of lying about serving on the spot.

“So, I asked him to read my ID, and he was like nahh stolen valor, stolen valor; this guy’s a fake,” he said. “He’s ignorant. He needs to learn how to read an ID, plain and simple,” he said. “When a vet tells you he’s a vet and he’s obviously wearing a fallen brothers bracelet doesn’t even recognize that.”

Things started turning ugly and the Delfin tried leaving, but was jumped in the parking lot by the airman and one of his friends.

“And before I knew it I couldn’t get off the ground. My leg gave out; it was kind of a blur,” Delfin said.

Delfin’s tibia is broken, and his jaw might be too.

“I did over 12 years in the Marine Corps; I was a tracker and I was in combat in 2004 in Fallujah,” he said.

“Because everybody that’s in the service does their job, but when you go to combat it’s a different thing, so to claim on me I’m stolen valor, that’s a slap in every veteran’s face,” he said. “He needs to get caught. He needs to get made an example of, plain and simple.”

Sacramento Police have filed a report, Delfin has also heard from an Air Force investigator.
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