Posted on May 5, 2015
COL Charles Williams
I am member (Alumni) of the Wounded Warrior Project, and a contributor too. In the last several years I have heard more than one veteran trash them and say they are not serving our wounded warriors well. I have read many positive and negative articles about them as well. Have they become too big, and/or lost their focus?

I know there are many great service organizations that are there to support Service Members, Veterans, and Families, but how do you know which ones are in it for the right reasons?

I am interested in your thoughts, as I know there has been a lot of discussion on this in various social media venues.

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Capt Current Operations Officer (S 3)
I just came across this article:

It talks about how everything they do is contracted out and the officers each have a salary of 100k - 300k. It also talks about how out of all the funds that are donated only ~10% reach the wounded warriors.

This really bothers me because I know my wife and I have done fundraisers and donated to the WWP. Does this affect how you will donate? or where you will donate? Do you actually research the non-profits that you donate to?

I know I dont, but this will definitely make me start.

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