Posted on Aug 25, 2016
Alicia Spector
[Today's post is part 4 of a 4 part series, in the words of a PatientsLikeMe member diagnosed with cancer.] Jacquie (Jacquie1961), diagnosed with lung cancer, which soon turned into colon cancer, enjoys helping others by sharing her experience. After rigorous chemotherapy and the adoption of a new dog, Roman, Jacquie joined PatientsLikeMe this past September and has been sharing her positive, never-back-down attitude with the rest of the community. In her own words…

You’ve been very supportive to other members in the PatientsLikeMe forums. What has been your experience on PatientsLikeMe?

I’m very glad that my mother actually told me about this site. It makes me feel good to think that just maybe I can help someone else because of my experience. Or maybe I know of some way that their journey will be easier on them. I’ve enjoyed conversing with several other women. I’ve also learned more about lung cancer than I knew before through others’ experiences and how they are dealing with it now. I know it’s better and helpful to talk or converse with others who’ve experienced the same thing you have or similar. It’s hard with family and friends as I believe one can’t truly understand what you have been through unless they have gone through it themselves. PatientsLikeMe brings like-minded people together.

To connect with other veterans and members like Jacquie, join PatientsLikeMe today at (it’s free)!
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MSG Brad Sand
I like to think that I do...but only others can answer this for us.
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