Posted on Aug 3, 2015
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I’m looking this program for my Bachelor's Degree in Science.

I think this is the one for me but is very expensive, I’d be able to finish quicker with having my A.S. degree and real life experience credit.

My question is this? What resources are out there for tuition assistance for Federal Employees and Veterans? I had a GI bill but had used that for my A.S. I'm a service-disabled veteran, and I'm checking into the possibility of the VA. I keep hearing from people how the govt paid for federal employees to finish their degrees for promotion potential, but I can't seem to get a straight answer as to what is available to me here at USDA. My goal with getting this degree is to consider SES in Federal Service so a Bachelor's Degree at a minimum is required.

I appreciate any advice that any of you could give me on this.

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