Posted on Mar 19, 2015
SGT Rmf Technical Lead
To further clarify, do you believe that the Army should institute Drill Sergeant Duty at Army installations?

He is the reason for my questions:

When I was an Active Duty Sergeant, I was appalled at the loss of discipline for soldiers that arrived in my company and in my squad. When I say lack of discipline, I am talking complete utter lack of discipline, the kind that deserves a butt stoke to the head. It became very apparent to me that TRADOC teaches and ENFORCES (key word here) military standards of discipline, however regular Army NCO's do not have the same standards of discipline, knowledge, and enforcement capability.

Do you think that the Army should put a Drill Sergeant detachment on every installation for two reasons:

1. To provide refresher training (min-boot camps) to those troops that are 8-up.

2. To enfore the standards, and to force other Sergeants to enfore the standards.

I don't know, I figure that every Sergeant in the Army should be trained to act as a Drill Sergeant all the time in both conduct and performance.

Even NCO's need a little kick in the butt sometimes.

What say you?
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