Posted on Mar 16, 2017
1LT Infantry Officer
During my years of service, I have suffered my share of injuries. When I was a young paratrooper I had a pretty rough landing. I ended up getting my bell rung pretty hard. Due to my chute oscillating I landed on my left side on a runway. After I woke up from being knocked out I realized I split my elbow open and injured my shoulder. Fast forward about 13 years later I am in Jordan and woke up only find that I lost about all motion and strength in my left arm. I was able to recover after about 6 months of nursing it. During that time I thought my career as an infantry officer might be over, if not my military career.

I realized something that no really wants to think about. That I might need to throw in the towel. I realized that I might not be able do my job anymore. Over my time in the military I have seen my share of other soldiers that have faced the same challenge. Some of them stay in knowing that they are not capable of some of their job functions. This affects readiness of a unit and will be a burden in time.

At what point do should you throw in the towel? I don't find any shame in it at all but then I see the Army something that is bigger than I. It is a hard choice but where is our responsibility in this?
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