Posted on Apr 27, 2017
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My husband and I are in the process of trying to adopt a teenage boy. He is academically delayed, has a special IEP (Individual Education Plan) and currently a ward of the state of Georgia. We are Alabama residents, and we want to place him in a private high school in Georgia. I am having trouble locating resources for scholarships across state lines.

We think there will be federal adoption assistance to help us pay for his care, but we are trying to identify any and all resources available. We've found several scholarship options for Georgia (if WE were Georgia residents...) and scholarship options for Alabama (since we are Alabama residents), but it doesn't apply since the school we want to put him in is Georgia.

So yes, this is completely off topic, but I am throwing a spaghetti noodle at the wall. If any of you have experience in this department, please let me know.
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