Posted on Jan 19, 2014
SSG(P) Cbrn Nco
Coming from Fort Hood, TX, all PT/Reflective belts are worn neon yellow across the board in conjunction with pin on rank. I think this is all great because it shows uniformity and that no one is different than the next person. But here at Fort Wainwright, they have three different reflective belt colors, with different styles; therefor causing a calamity when it comes to being uniform. Blue for officers, Orange for NCOs, and Yellow for SPC and below. We're always speaking about being uniform, but I just think these different color belts are "correction deflectors". Anybody should and can be corrected when the correction is presented with professionalism and tact. You shouldn't have to pull some one of higher rank to the side to give them the gratitude of saving face; although embarrassing the person is not the goal. What do you all think about the lack of uniformity across the Army as far as the APFU? You can also inject the subject of the 'NEW' Black and Gold APFU.
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