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About All Things Army Reserve

I am going to suggest we keep this page Army Reserve pure and focus on those issues and events which have a direct impact on the Army Reserve Program as a whole and the Soldiers that make it up.  

In particular I recommend should be focusing on these sub-sets (aka CURORG) of the USAR:
      o  Troop Program Unit (TPU) (CURORG H)
      o  Individual Mobilization Augmentation (IMA) (CURORG I)
      o  Active Guard Reserve (AGR) (CURORG J)
      o  Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) (Both Annual Training & Reinforcement) (CURORG I)
      o  Standby Reserve (Both SBR-Active and SBR-Inactive) (CURORGs K & L)
      o  Retired Reserve (TDRL/PDRL, AUS, USAR-Retired) (CURORGs R/7/8/9)

As this group grows we can fully expect that those of us who are "old UAs" in the USAR Military Technician Program (MilTechs) and Active/Retired AGRs can serve as credible sources of information and informed opinions on these issues.  Some of us have spent the better part of our professional lives working in and around the US Army Reserve.  As a group, these full timers  tend to be an opinionated and extremely excitable when defending their pet opinions.  Therefore, some suggested rules for effective discussion:
      o  Keep things factual and always refer to the regulations & published guidance
      o  When in doubt ... research and refer to the regulations & published guidance
      o  Remember OPSEC and be careful what and how you discuss the issues
      o  Be respectful - You can disagree but do not be disagreeable
      o  Be clear and concise - brevity is the first sign of intelligence and wit

This will prove to be an exciting journey so buckle up and let's ride to the sounds of the guns.

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Tell us about the history of this branch.

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Advice on how to transfer to this branch of service

What advice would you give about transferring into this branch?

Most recent contributors: LTC Thomas Tennant

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