Posted on Feb 15, 2018
WO1 Aviation Technical Trainer
A lesser known asset in the US Army are Reserve Drill Sergeants. Serving as subject matter experts in Initial Entry Training is a rewarding and career broadening assignment for personnel already in the Reserves or ones transitioning from Active Duty. In Florida there are multiple DS companies throughout the state that are always looking for qualified and motivated soldiers who are interested in becoming a Drill Sergeant. There is a Drill Sergeant Candidate program that prepares individuals to succeed at the Army’s Drill Sergeant Academy.

We participare in missions that include:
•Basic Combat Training
•Basic Camp for ROTC Cadets during Cadet Summer Training (formerly LDAC)
•Local ROTC, Recruiting Battalion, and Unit training support
•Currently we have Drill Sergeants training Navy personnel for TF Marshall and with DS coming back to AIT there are possibly more mission opportunities coming

•Career Broadening
•Special Duty Assignment Pay when assigned to a BCT

Minimum Requirements for our program:
•E4(P) with at least 4 years TIS- E7 current on PME (BLC, SSD, ALC, etc)
•Physically Fit: 70 points in each event on APFT. Pass HT/WT standards. No Profiles limiting duty. If you’re over 40 years of age, you’ll need a physical.
•Willingness to attend the Drill Sergeant Academy at Fort Jackson SC
•GT score of 100 (waiverable)
•Sound Moral Character who embodies the Army Values

You can contact me for details about what the program consist of or just general questions about the DSC Progra and Academy.
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