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Getting Acquainted                                                           View Drum Country Video
Named After Lt. Gen. Hugh A. Drum,
Commander, First Army, WWII
Pine Plains Training Area Established - 1907
Expanded, named Camp Drum - 1951
Redesignated Fort Drum - 1974
Home of 10th Mtn Div (LI) - 1984
Size - 107,265 acres (168 sq. mi.)
Largest employer in Northern NY
Family Housing Units - 3,671
Barracks Rooms - 7,900
Unaccomp./Single Soldier Apts - 192
Active Duty Military 19,605
Annual Payroll $973,775,901
Barracks Rooms 7,900
Single/Unaccompanied Soldier Apts. 192
Family Members 19,810
School-Aged Children of Military Members 8,543
Family Housing Units 3,671
Civilian Work Force 4,739
Annual Payroll $193,129,138
Retirees Zip Code 136XX (All Branches) 2,262
Annual Payroll $43,332,000
Annual Economic Impact $1,505,857,420
10th Mountain Division (Light Infantry)
Major Units
1st Brigade Combat Team
2nd Brigade Combat Team
3rd Brigade Combat Team
4th Brigade Combat Team (Ft Polk, LA)
Combat Aviation Brigade
10th Sustainment Brigade

10th Mtn Div (LI) Deployments
Hurricane Andrew Relief, Fla.(92)
Operation Restore Hope, Somalia (92-94)
Operation Uphold Democracy, Haiti (94-95)
Task Force Eagle, Kosovo (95-96)
Operation Enduring Freedom (01 - present)
Operation Iraqi Freedom (03 - present)
Community Interaction
Soldiers support community/school events
10th Mountain Division Band Performances
CG's Quarterly Community Ldrs Luncheon
DES Mutual Aid with local EMS agencies
Fort Drum Regional Liaison Organization
Regional Health Planning Organization
Fort Drum Education Liaison Committee
Army Family Covenant
Operation Yellow Ribbon Activities
Adopt-A-Unit Program
Community Planner
Project Strong Communities
Annual Air Show
Frequently Asked Questions:Q: I need to add some pizzazz to my presentation. What do you suggest?
A: Try downloading and adding a video segment. On this site you'll find a "generic" opening, segments on career (military and civilian opportunities), education, housing, recreation, healthcare and the "Drum Country" community.
Q. I need quick, relevant information about Fort Drum and the 10th Mountain Division? I am not going to have a lot of time - 10 minutes max.
A: Download and print off the appropriate number of tri-folds, pass them out and brief the accompanying slides.
Q. I have been tasked with presenting an all encompassing brief about Fort Drum and the 10th Mountain Division?
Q. I am supposed to brief "what it's actually like" to live in this area. I really like it, and know what my family really likes but I"m not sure that I can capture the whole area's worth of opportunities.
A: Looking for a quick brief about the Northern New York area? Download the Outreach brief and enhance it with the videos that will be most relevant to your audience! Talk about what you like and your experiences and you'll get your audience interested enough to do the more finite research on their own.

Need more information or guidance on how to use these tools? Need extra copies of the video or tri-folds? Call Fort Drum Public Affairs 315.772.5461 or email 
For more information on Fort Drum and the surrounding community please check out
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Things to do here

Things to Do Near Fort Drum, NY
Mark Heidelberger, Demand Media
Related Articles
Fort Drum is an army training facility in northern New York midway between the Adirondack Mountains to the east and the Great Lakes to the west. Fort Drum has more than 12,000 residents and is home to the 10th Mountain Division, a light infantry unit and subordinate of the XVIII Airborne Corps specially trained for combat in rugged terrain or harsh weather conditions. Those staying at Fort Drum will find a number of things to do either on the base or in the neighboring communities of Watertown and Evans Mills.
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Fort Drum Adventure Training
Fort Drum Adventure Training ( offers outdoor recreation for soldiers and their families, including guided fishing trips, hiking trails, orienteering, geo-caching and ATV rides. Extreme sports range from mountain biking and whitewater rafting to balloon bungee jumping and free-fall parachuting. Winter sports include cross-country skiing and snowmobiling. ATV and snowmobile safety courses are offered and are required for riding at Fort Drum. Both outdoor field and indoor arena courses are available for paintballing, along with scenario play, and costs include all safety equipment, a gun and 500 rounds of ammunition -- layers must be at least 10 years old, and reservations are required.
10th Mountain Division & Fort Drum Museum
The 10th Mountain Division & Fort Drum Museum ( collects and preserves anything material to the history of Fort Drum and its infantry division, all with the intention of fostering morale in both the military and civilian communities. Exhibits feature wax recreations, artifacts, military equipment and important documentation from events such as the Battle of Riva Ridge, Mount Belvedere and Operation Iraqi Freedom. The museum is in the Heritage Center building, which it shares with the Fort Drum USO and an Army-centric gift shop called Off the Beatin' Path. The museum is closed on weekends and federal holidays.
Dry Hill Ski Area
The Dry Hill Ski Area ( is in Watertown and offers corporate ski programs and 10 percent military discounts. Nine ski trails offer varying degrees of difficulty, from beginner to advanced, while a tubing park designed for kids is open on weekends only. The main lodge features a ticket desk, lounge area and snack bar along with a ski shop that sells, rents, repairs and maintains skiing and snowboarding equipment. Private and semi-private ski lessons are available for skiers ages 3 and up, while a two-hour lesson is offered to first-timers.
Sno-Fun Hunting Preserve
The Sno-Fun Hunting Preserve ( is in Evans Mills, right next to Fort Drum, and offers game bird hunting excursions to the general public with no license required. Groups of two to four people are accompanied by a pointer lab, moving from the east side of the preserve to the west as they flush out the birds. Hunters can shoot only after birds have been flushed. Full-day and half-day hunts are both available along with trap shooting on a lighted field every Wednesday night. A clubhouse offers meals, a rest area and accommodations for up to four people. Reservations are required for hunting and gift certificates are available.
Watertown Golf Club
The Watertown Golf Club ( in Thompson Park has an 18-hole course with 6,309 yards of play from the long tees, for a par of 72. The course, which opened in 1926, features contoured fairways and well-manicured greens on fast-rolling blue grass, all surrounded by deciduous woodlands. The property has golf cart rentals, a driving range and a pro shop that offers high-end equipment, while classic American food is served for lunch and dinner at the clubhouse bar and grill and the halfway house near the ninth green. Monthly memberships are discounted for military personnel. Thompson Park also has an accredited zoo, swimming pool, tennis courts and picnic grounds near the course.
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Things to avoid here

Anything and everything negative that could get you in trouble or worse.
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Advice for those moving here

At, we want to offer our readers a place to turn to when facing the challenge of a PCS. You know how it is when you get orders. You go to your Facebook friends list, find someone who is there or has been recently and get all the details! We’re sharing the little things that help you to make a home at Fort Drum!
What are the best neighborhoods?
The historic area of Watertown, NY is a great place to live. Some families choose to live in Sackets Harbor, a very quaint town that borders Lake Ontario.
What schools are considered the best?
Watertown elementary schools get high marks and General Brown schools are highly respected!
Is there anywhere traffic is especially bad?
GPS is usually a good indicator, except on post. Traffic is at its worst immediately surrounding the main and secondary 24 hour gates. Aside from that traffic is relatively acceptable throughout the area. The traffic near the main post theater can be very heavy during the duty day because training is often conducted there.
Are there any installation specific policies?
PT belts are color coded. Yellow for junior enlisted. Green for e5 and up. Blue for officers.
There used to be a policy that you had to travel at 10 miles per hour when passing so much as a single pedestrian on either side of the road. This was due to someone who nearly struck the post commander with his POV a few years ago. However, I don’t know if that policy still stands.
Expect morning PT to be an hour and a half long and no outdoor PT when it is below zero. The gyms will be full, so go in the barracks hallways and do some calisthenics.
There is a 70 mile travel limit without an approved pass, just far enough to get to Syracuse, but no further. You need a pass to really go anywhere.
Where do I (service member) actually report to when I arrive?
Clark Hall is the main point for in processing and will contact your gaining unit’s staff duty to guide you to their location. It is easily accessible from the front gate and is directly next to the PX and Burger King.
What is the easiest gate to get in during high traffic times?
All of the gates are a pretty accessible.
Can I get off post for lunch?
Yes. Traffic isn’t that bad for lunch.
Where do you like to do your grocery shopping? Where is the best produce? The best prices?
The Commissary is a good option, though it isoften packed because of the amount of families who live on the post. However, there is a 24 hour Super Wal-Mart immediately off the post that served me well in my time there.
What are your favorite local restaurants?
My favorite is Brew Pub in Sackets Harbor. But you have to try Art’s Jug and Cavallario’s Cuccina. In addition, you MUST go to the Golden Unicorn for breakfast. They have the biggest pancakes ever…beware!  And, you can find pretty much every major chain restaurant is near the base.
Where do you like to do your clothes/home shopping?
I’d recommend you visit Salmon Run Mall.
Where do you go if you want to grab a coffee with friends and relax?
Sackets Harbor, though I prefer to stay on post with friends and attend small gatherings at their homes. There are plenty of camp grounds and biking trails around too, as well as some lakes for jet skiing and swimming. I recommend you adopt some outdoor recreation hobbies. There are lots of beautiful sights to see.
Best spot for a date night?
Sackets Harbor, Art’s Jug, Cavallario’s Cuccina, or Stefano’s Pizzeria & Restaurant for dinner and you can’t go wrong with a movie at Salmon Run Mall! It’s also nice to spend Spring, Summer and Fall evenings at the Black River drive-in movie theater too!
What do you LOVE about your duty station?
It’s well taken care of. And, it’s easy to travel to the major cities like New York and Boston from this location.
What else would you tell your friend who has just received orders?
It snows a lot in Fort Drum and they have plenty of snow removal equipment. Pack lots of warm clothing. Do not expect the base to close for snow unless it snows three feet or more. Also, Junior soldiers and NCOs should expect to receive training on how to operate snow removal equipment and to be on call for snow removal operations. Last but not least – don’t bring your guns!

Most recent contributors: SSG Derrick L. Lewis MBA, C-HRM

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