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Who We Are

U.S. Army veterans Brian Kinsella, Nick Black, and Craig Gridelli co-founded Stop Soldier Suicide in 2010 amid the worst suicide crisis our military has ever seen. Each of them knew fellow soldiers and veterans who were struggling, and they were determined to create a solution. Today, the risk of suicide is 50% higher for veterans than for their peers who nave not served. It's simply unacceptable - especially given that most suicides are preventable. The problem is clear: the systems in place aren't working. Getting help isn't as easy as it should be. Trying to navigate a complicated maze of organizations and resources can be overwhelming when you're in crisis. We're here to change that.
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What We Do

Not all crisis looks the same. Stop Soldier Suicide is our promise to those who are facing it. Our struggles may be loud or silent; all-consuming or passing; during service or any time after; a moment or a lifetime. That moment of crisis is not the end. It's a crossroads - a turning point, and one that you don't have to navigate alone.

We built Stop Soldier Suicide on the belief that holistic care focused on all aspects of wellbeing - mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual - is what our at-risk veterans need to achieve self-empowerment and purpose. We tailor our care to the unique needs of each veteran, and stay with them as long as needed on their pathway to leading a fulfilled life. And we never, ever, ever give.
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How We Help

  • 1 on 1 assessment with a Stop Soldier Suicide Wellness Coordinator
  • Tailored support to meet specific needs: risk assessment, wellness planning, resources, and referrals
  • Continuum of care through life coaching
  • Transition support from inpatient facilities, treatment centers, and other crisis support facilities back to the community.

We serve all past and present military, regardless of discharge status or period served. All services are 100% confidential and 100% free.

If you're a veteran or service member in crisis, please call 844-907-1342. We're there for you 24/7.

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