Veterans Entrepreneurial Training and Resource Network

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The Veterans Entrepreneurial Training & Resource Network (VETRN), Streetwise MBA. 
VETRNs mission is to provide veteran small business owners and family members an opportunity, free of tuition, to attend a program in entrepreneurship that is being put on exclusively for veterans in order to provide them with the skills, resources, mentoring and networking necessary to grow their own small business. This program is a six month VETRN program based on a course in strategic business planning, business cash flow and financial management, and is a collaboration with Interise, the developer of the highly successful, award winning “StreetWise MBA” program.

Each cohort will consist of 15 veteran small business owners. Veteran applicants, who are interested in attending this program, with tuition fully paid, will be asked to fill out an application form, stating your business goals and objectives and the reasons why you wish to attend this program. The written application will be followed by an interview of the veteran applicant or family member.
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How the organization supports veterans

Receive an exclusive executive education is business; make the right connections and learn the critical aspects of operating a business. 
Veterans and family members who are accepted into the program will be provided with a mentor from day one of the program chosen the business or financial community to work with them both during the program and after successful completion of the program. VETRN believes that ongoing mentorship and networking is critical in helping to grow your small business and become successful.
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How to get involved or get help

More info:,
Number: 617-901-6055

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