MSG Douglas Tolliver

MSG Douglas Tolliver

Dates of Service: Feb 1989 - Mar 2013
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  • PVT Feb 89
  • PV2 Dec 89
  • PFC Jun 90
  • SPC Dec 90
  • SGT Sep 96
  • SSG Jun 00
  • SFC Sep 06
  • MSG Feb 11

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Skilled professional with over 16 years of extensive military experience in Planning, Management, Operations and Instruction. Proven leader, goal setter and problem solver proficient in planning, execution, coordinating and training in all types of operations and environments. Manages personnel in an effective and efficient manner to accomplish missions and tasks in high-stress environments.

Military Experiences

Jan 2012 - Jan 2013
Operations and Training NCO
I served as the Senior Truckmaster / Operations NCO. I had 60, 7500 gallon tankers under my control. I coordinated training and operations for the company.
Jan 2011 - Jan 2012
Detachment Sergeant
Served as the Detachment Sergeant and the Training NCO. Basically a dual hatted position since I was an AGR Soldier and the only Active Duty guy in the unit. I also got a little into the supply side as well. Fortunately the Unit Administrator did the personnel stuff.
Aug 2008 - Jan 2011
4th ESC
Movement NCO
Planned and coordinated unit movements for our subordinate unites. Worked with the Transportation Offices at Fort Hood, Fort Bliss, Fort Sam Houston and Fort Sill to obtain commercial truck, bus and air movements for the troops to get to annual training or to the mobilization stations.
Aug 2005 - Jul 2008
Small Group Leader
Common Core (Phase I for USAR and NG troops) Basic NCO Course (BNCOC) instructor.


(3 years, 9 months)
Feb 2004 - Mar 2005
Iraq ribbon
Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF)
NCOIC of the 571st Transportation Detachment, a Division Support Movement Control Team
Dec 2000 - Feb 2001
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Transportation Liaison
Jul 1997 - Mar 1998
SFOR Support Command - Transportation Section
Aug 1995 - Mar 1996
Deployed to the Joint Provisional Support Company to support the U.S. Hospital in Zagreb providing medical support to the UNPROFOR/UNPF in the former Yugoslavia.

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