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PO1 Timothy Miller

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Experienced Physical Security professional currently studying for a Bachelor of Arts in Security Management with a concentration in Information Security and an undergraduate certificate in Cyber Security; Graduation date - February 2015. At the conclusion of my degree I am looking to get back into the workforce and establish a 2nd career.

Military Experiences

Oct 1995 - Oct 2000
Cryptologic Technician (CT)
PRODUCED PRECISE and CONCISE written intelligence reports based on translation and transcription works by other analysts. Reports were used by high-level in-Theater and National Strategic Decision Makers for time-sensitive and critical situations in East Asia. SUPERVISED a dynamic group of up to 15 individuals working in a Joint Indications and Warning Center. Provided counseling and guidance to junior personnel in the professional as well as personal arenas. Personally trained all individuals and certified them as qualified for duty. PROVIDED QUALITY CONTROL in a first line supervisory capacity to language analysts from all four U.S. armed services. Checked outgoing reports for accuracy and ensured the timeliness of each report. Answered queries from other organizations.
Oct 1992 - Oct 1995
Cryptologic Language Analyst
DIRECTED four teams of Direct Support personnel, numbering up to 20 individuals each, in underway operations in support of Commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet’s Number One Intelligence Priority. Deployed 186 days to Pacific Fleet combatant vessels in support of this requirement. EXPERTLY SUPERVISED 150 personnel in a combined work center. Evaluated and counseled personnel when necessary. Created and fostered camaraderie among team members that lasted well beyond my active participation in the command. COORDINATED the transfer of mission-critical operations from a command that was deactivating and oversaw all aspects of the mission transfer from start to finish. Lauded for my skills in coordinating this event.
Aug 1990 - Oct 1992
Cryptologic Language Analyst
DEDICATED PROFESSIONAL promoted to lead the Navy team at a time of decreased manpower. Charged with leading a team of four intelligence analysts working a 24-hour operations center as well as 3 daytime analysts. ESTABLISHED EXPERT in intelligence and language analysis and translation. Wrote intelligence products which were used at all levels to include providing input to the President’s Daily Intelligence Briefing. Commended for superior report writing skills by leaders and colleagues. DYNAMIC TEAM LEADER that provided counseling and guidance to junior personnel on a regular basis as well as on-the-spot guidance where needed. Wrote evaluation reports and recommendations for junior personnel who have since gone on to excel in their respective job fields.
Apr 1988 - Aug 1990
Cryptologic Language Analyst
EXPERT LINGUIST/REPORTER selected as Senior Analyst over all Korean linguists in a division of over 50 personnel. Charged with oversight of all day-to-day operations for a 24-hour watch center in a joint reporting center environment. PERSONALLY SELECTED to lead a special team of intelligence analysts involved in operations in support of the Games of the XXIV Olympiad held in Seoul, Republic of Korea in 1988.


(11 months)
Jun 1995 - Aug 1995
Deployed to a U.S. Pacific Fleet Combatant vessel for operations in support of Commander, Pacific Fleet's Number One Intelligence Priority.
Dec 1994 - Feb 1995
Deployed to a U.S. Pacific Fleet Combatant vessel for operations in support of Commander, Pacific Fleet's Number One Intelligence Priority.
Apr 1994 - May 1994
Persian/Arabian Gulf
Deployed to support USS Independence operations for Commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet's Number One Intelligence Priority.
Jul 1994 - Sep 1994
Deployed to a U.S. Pacific Fleet Combatant vessel for operations in support of Commander, Pacific Fleet's Number One Intelligence Priority.

Military Credentials

Professional Development Schools

Mar 1988

Leadership Management Education Training Course

Jan 1988 - Mar 1988

Cryptologic Direct Support Basic Operator Course

Oct 1982 - Mar 1983

Basic Cryptologic Operators Course

Sep 1981 - Oct 1982

Basic Korean Language Course

Foreign Language Skills


Korean (3/3)

Additional Specialization(s)
Security Clearance
None / Expired

Academic Degrees

Academic Degrees


University of Hawaii – Manoa

Job/Skill Training, Summer Advanced Korean Language

1990 - 1991

Yonsei University Korean Language Institute

Job/Skill Training, Advanced Korean Language and Culture Immersion Course

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