SFC William Adamek

SFC William Adamek

Dates of Service: Dec 1976 - Jan 1999
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Military Experiences

Sep 1991 - Jan 1999
US Army Recruiter Liaison to PERSCOM
Command Liaison and Career Management for all U.S. Army Recruiters • Prepared and conducted information, assistance and training briefings to peers, executive level leadership teams and other outside offices to include Pentagon level • Insured information integrity and continuity, while presenting trends and recommendations to meet collective and realistic worldwide Army recruiter strengths and goals • Lead team to a 133% efficiency improvement, during an increased workload period, using “Total Quality Management” and automation techniques • Managed and coordinated a 20% increase in provisioning of Recruiter applicants during a strength reduction period • Annually screened and evaluated the qualifications and capabilities of 3,500+ potential recruiters • Primary Recruiting knowledge base
Jul 1988 - Sep 1991
Station Commander
• Interviewed, screened and reviewed applicants and their applications for U.S. Army enlistments • Conducted and maintained market analysis to insure penetration and saturation of all viable sectors • Prepared and delivered public presentations for High School Assemblies and other local events. • Acted as spokesperson for the U.S. Army, through daily interaction with individuals, local business’ and community officials • Contacted local leaders to acquire or create a local listing of Centers of Influence (COI’s) to enhance the locating of qualified applicants • Supervised and assisted Active duty and Reserve recruiters in time management, file management, utilization of recruiting tools and group presentations
Feb 1985 - May 1988
Battalion Intelligence NCO
Without an S2 Officer assigned, managed all functions of the Battalion S2 which included: • Administered an effective Information Security program within the command • Advised the Commander on matters related to classification and safeguarding of national security information • Maintained personnel clearance status for battalion • Prepared and maintained security rosters • Supervised the implementation of and compliance with security regulations • Conducted Security Briefings and Debriefings • Coordinated with S-1 on flagging actions, denials and revocations of security clearances • Developed and conducted security inspections of Bn HQ, five geographically separate companies as well as 17 remote hilltop communication sites • Maintained BN COMSEC account • Battalion Master Fitness Trainer

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