Capt Christian D. Orr

Capt Christian D. Orr

Dates of Service: Sep 1999 - Oct 2006
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  • Amn
  • A1C
  • A1C Sep 99
  • SrA
  • SSgt Jun 01
  • 2d Lt Sep 01
  • 1st Lt Sep 03
  • Capt Nov 07
Commissioning Source:  OTS, Sep 2001

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Combined 17 years of active-duty military, Federal civilian law enforcement, and overseas private security contracting experience. Management/leadership/supervisory experience in military and contracting alike. Academic background in International Relations and Military History. Combined 9 years of Federal civilian law enforcement, and overseas private security contracting in 4 different foreign countries. NRA certified Basic Pistol Instructor. Skill sets: Law Enforcement, Criminal Investigation, Interviewing & Interrogation, Surveillance, Customs & Immigration, Firearms, Pistol Instruction, Physical Fitness

Military Experiences

Mar 2003 - Oct 2006
Security Forces Action Officer
Higher HQ staff officer, mainly on the AMC Threat Working Group (TWG) in support of OEF and OIF.
Sep 2001 - Mar 2003
325 ACS
Air Battle Manager Trainee
Academic and radar scope training (simulators and live aircraft exercises) for the AWACS and JSTARS Air Weapons Controller platforms.
Jul 2001 - Sep 2001
24 TRS
Officer Trainee
Got my commission on 27 Sep 2001 as part of the first post-9/11 USAF OTS BOT (Basic Officer Training) graduating class. How's THAT for freaky timing, eh!
Feb 2000 - Jul 2001
741 MS
Security Forces Response Force Leader
Nuke security (Minuteman III ICBMs).

Military Credentials

Professional Development Schools

Apr 2002 - May 2002

Jul 2001 - Sep 2001

Individual & Special Skill Schools

Jan 2004 - Apr 2004

Air Force Security Forces Officer Course

Jul 2002 - Nov 2002

Security Clearance
Top Secret/SCI or higher