1SG Steven Stankovich

1SG Steven Stankovich

Dates of Service: Oct 1990 - Oct 2017
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Retired Senior Noncommissioned Officer with 27 years of service as a Cavalry Scout and Counterintelligence/Human Intelligence Senior Sergeant in the United States Army. Leadership experience spans 22 of those years ranging from a team leader in charge of three Soldiers to a Military Intelligence Company 1SG managing over 575 Soldiers, Department of the Army Civilians and Contractors.

Military Experiences

Feb 2016 - Oct 2017
Battalion S3 Operations NCOIC
Served as Battalion Operations NCOIC in a Forward Collection Battalion based in Germany with over 268 military, civilian and contractor personnel and subordinate elements geographically dispersed in 17 locations across 11 countries; facilitates the Military Decision Making Process (MDMP) for the command group and six subordinate command teams; writes, disseminates, and executes Operation Orders, Fragmentary Orders, and Warning Orders; coordinates and synchronizes logistical and administrative support among local agencies and authorities to facilitate doctrinally sound, realistic, and efficient training; manages and professionally develops eight military personnel.
Aug 2015 - Jan 2016
C Co
First Sergeant
Served as the First Sergeant of a 70-Soldier, theater-level, signals intelligence company that conducts forward deployed signals survey, collection, and exploitation in support of United States Army Europe (USAREUR) and United States Africa (USARAF) requirements, provides daily operational support to three operational missions, and, on order, deploys tailored intelligence teams in support of USAREUR, USARAF, and other unified land operations. Responsible for the health, morale, welfare, discipline, command climate, and retention of Soldiers.
Nov 2012 - Jul 2015
650th MI
Group S3 NCOIC
Served as Group S3 NCOIC of a combined Military Intelligence Group conducting sensitive CI operations and investigations in support of Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) across Europe, Afghanistan, Iraq and the Balkans; directs training for 200 personnel geographically dispersed in 19 separate offices across 12 countries; serves as the senior approving official for all official travel; provides operational validation of all purchases within Group; executes APFT, Weight Control and weapons qualification; responsible for the readiness and welfare 29 Soldiers and Civilians.
Nov 2009 - Jul 2012
A Co
First Sergeant
First Sergeant for the Battalion Headquarters Company accountable for three Military Intelligence Occupational Specialty Courses and one functional course; responsible for the overall yearly training of over 3,000 Soldiers; oversees the management of over 166 Military Cadre support Soldiers, over 400 civilian contractors and 108 DoD Civilians; advises the Commander on Soldier health, welfare, safety and accountability issues; provides logistical, security and maintenance supervision of five installation buildings, two training facilities and three field training sites worth over $40,000,000.


(2 years, 9 months)
Oct 2008 - Oct 2009
Iraq ribbon
Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF)
NCOIC of a Brigade Border Transition Team (BTT).
May 2004 - May 2005
Afghanistan ribbon
Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) - Afghanistan
Scout Platoon Sergeant with A Troop 3/4 CAV.
Mar 2000 - Sep 2000
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Scout Section Sergeant with F Troop 2/3 ACR.

Military Credentials

Individual & Special Skill Schools

Dec 2015

CATC Company Commander and First Sergeant Course

Feb 2011 - Mar 2011

IET Company Commander and First Sergeant Course

Jul 2008 - Oct 2008


Nov 2015

SHARP 80 Hour Certification Course

Mar 2014

Ask, Care, Escort - Suicide Intervention Train the Trainer

Additional Specialization(s)
Security Clearance
Top Secret/SCI or higher

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operating big stank's bar and grill in my garage; watching my boys' sports events; improving the foxhole at the house.