PFC Matthew Bahr

PFC Matthew Bahr

Dates of Service: Apr 1991 - Apr 1992
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  • Pvt Apr 91
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Currently a U.S. Homeland Security employee seeking employment back in Chicago. Trained in Behavior Observation from Dr. Paul Ekman. Certified Terrorism Liaison Officer and received formal instruction from Current student for Intelligence Operations. Former restaurant manager for quick serve concepts. My experience can be validated at

Military Experiences

Oct 1991 - Apr 1992
Permanent Fire Watch
Assigned duties of permanent Fire Watch by company Sergeant awaiting discharge orders.
Sep 1991 - Oct 1991
Infantry Trainee
The riflemen employ the M16A2 service rifle, the M203 grenade launcher and the squad automatic weapon M249 (SAW) MK-19, M60 E-3, 50-CAL, AT-4 and explosive materials. Riflemen are the primary scouts, assault troops, and close combat forces available to the MAGTF.
Aug 1991 - Sep 1991
Marine Combat Training
Marine Combat Training.
Jul 1991 - Aug 1991
Area Gurad
Performed Guard Duties for 52 Area of SOI.

Academic Degrees

Academic Degrees

2009 - 2012

Civilian Experiences

Oct 2013 - Present
Job Seeker
Employed currently although seeking active employment in Chicago as the family still resides within Illinois.
May 2013 - Present
Independent Associate
Natural product health and wellness rather than traditional drug medications for human vitality.
Nov 2012 - Present
Master's Student
Participated in coursework in Intelligence Operations. Research Methods in Security and Intelligence Studies (INTL500) Strategic Intelligence (INTL501) Intelligence Collection (INTL502) Analytics II (INTL506) Intelligence Operations (INTL507) Threat Analysis (INTL634)
Sep 2002 - Present
Transportation Security Officer and Behavior Detection Officer
Recognized suspicious traveler behavior and activities based on indications of stress, fear and deception cues and an understanding of predictable, routine behavior and deviations from behavioral norms; assessed multiple individuals simultaneously personally and collaboratively with security team members while considering all factors which determine whether elevated suspicion is justified in implicating individuals potentially involved in criminal or terrorist activities; documented incriminating factors and identified behaviors of individuals; reported all suspicious activities and behaviors.