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US Army Corporals on RallyPoint


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Soldiers bearing the rank of Corporal occupy the first rank of the levels of Non-Commissioned Officers (NCO's) in the Army. NCO's are responsible the training, performance, appearance, and well being of soldiers.

Corporals occupy the position of team leaders. Although this job is often given to Specialists, since the rank of Specialist is given out much more often than Corporal, it is officially the responsibility of Corporals, since the job of leading soldiers is reserved for NCO's.

Corporals are in charge of a team of soldiers, ranging from two to five personnel, and they are directly responsible for every aspect of the military lives of their soldiers. In addition, they are expected to take care of their soldiers outside of work, ensuring their personal lives are in order and providing them all the help and resources needed when problems arise.

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Best part of holding this rank

for the sense of duty, responsibility, discipline, and if possible, a start of a good career
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Worst part of holding this rank

be on alert to take on more duty and responsibilities, sometimes more than necessary...
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Advice on how to be selected for this rank

act if the Corporal is a Sgt or above and, do a training with the soldiers to see if the soldiers are NCO material for a while or a day and enjoy the privileges but yet help the Pvt's to get better in their respective careers

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