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A soldier in the Army holding the rank of Specialist holds the first rank with leadership responsibilities. Unofficially known as a team leader, Specialists manage a small number of other soldiers of lower rank, privates of all class.

Officially, the job of a specialist is to ensure soldiers under their charge are experts in the their individual responsibilities and duties. Specialists themselves are recognized experts in the specialized knowledge of individual soldiers in all capacities; it is from this qualification that the name and title of specialists arises.

Specialist is a common rank in the Army, achieved after a minimum of two years of service and after consistently demonstrated good performance of individual duties and responsibilities.

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Best part of holding this rank

As a Spec4 I was moved to Senior MP and over my patrol area, check point etc. The pay increase helped also.
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Worst part of holding this rank

What are the worst parts of holding this rank?

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Advice on how to be selected for this rank

Hard work

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