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SGT Unit Supply Specialist
PO1 William "Chip" Nagel
..."“We don’t care about politics in Ukraine now,” Prytula said over the phone. “We are all soldiers or volunteers now, and we have only one question: How can we save our state?”

Leveraging his fame and social media reach, Prytula has organized a major supply network. He is taking in donations, negotiating the purchase of bulletproof vests and helmets from manufacturers in countries like Turkey, pressuring car dealers to provide vehicles to the territorial defense at steep discounts, operating warehouses from Poland to Kyiv, and moving numerous buses and trucks full of supplies throughout the country.

His work is just one example of the largest supply effort since the Cold War and the Berlin airlift. As millions of Ukrainians flee across the borders, numerous groups are coordinating how to move in humanitarian, medical and military aid to assist in the country's defense.

Government agencies, NATO partners and philanthropic groups are amassed just outside the country helping refugees and boxing up supplies that will soon be taken into Ukraine."...
PO1 William "Chip" Nagel
PO1 William "Chip" Nagel
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