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Maj John Bell
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If you don't come from a farming family, don't have a nearby by mentor with agricultural marketing experience, or have a high degree of practical knowledge in the realities of farming... please
_Work a full year on a farm to decide if you want to work that hard 365 days.
_Educate yourself and prepare to be a student of all things farming, marketing, equipment maintenance, plumbing, electrical work, and carpentry.
_Very few independent sole proprietor farms exist without a substantial side income.
_Markets are volatile. Just because this year is good, doesn't mean the next few will also be good. Never take on more debt service than you can sustain during a few bad years in a row.

I come from a farming family. After retiring from the military, I started farming as a hobby. After 4 or 5 years, I still loved it and started making a small but significant profit on the side. Every dime of that profit went back into my business for years. I was lucky and found an under-served niche market. I was 10 years into it before I could stop any other side-hustles (I never did stop any of my side hustles.) I love my work, but I haven't had a single day off in 20+ years unless I was in the hospital.
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Good insight.
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