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PO1 William "Chip" Nagel It's not all about the $$$...

..."The Staten Island union election is a product of a fledgling labor group unaffiliated with any national union. Organizers, calling themselves the Amazon Labor Union, are current and former Amazon workers. Their leader Chris Smalls had staged a walkout over working conditions at the Staten Island warehouse early in the pandemic and was fired the same day.

The campaign is pursuing union elections at a total of four Amazon warehouses on Staten Island, where workers pack and process orders from shoppers in the massive New York market. Organizers say they hope to win longer breaks, better medical and other leave options, and higher wages.

Amazon had challenged various elements of the union-election petition. The company has argued unions are not necessary, touting its health, education and other benefits, as well as its pay starting at $15 an hour and averaging $18 an hour.

Since the walkout in March 2020, Staten Island warehouse workers have filed several labor complaints against Amazon, alleging interference with organizing efforts. The National Labor Relations Board later accused Amazon of illegally threatening, interrogating and surveilling the workers, which the company denies.

The labor board approved a union election for Staten Island warehouse workers after a hearing with Amazon and organizers."...
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