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PO1 William "Chip" Nagel
..."In the last 10 months, Taiwanese authorities have handed down a steady stream of charges and convictions - proof, they say, that Beijing's espionage strategy has intensified and expanded beyond elite military circles. Retired air force colonel Liu Sheng-shu was sentenced to 20 years in prison in October for running a military spy ring for Beijing.

At least 16 people have been accused of spying for China since the start of the year, compared with the 44 espionage cases registered by Taiwan's Ministry of Justice Investigation Bureau between 2013 and 2019.

This comes as China's claims over the self-governed island have turned more threatening, with increased military and political pressure. Beijing has not ruled out the possible use of force to take the island, even as US support for Taiwan has grown more vocal.

Reports suggest that Beijing has been expanding its global spy efforts, particularly against the US. And Washington too has been increasing its intelligence gathering on China.

Taiwan is an easy target for Chinese spies, says Grant Newsham, a retired US Marine Corps colonel who has served for decades in the Indo-Pacific.

Proximity to China and the fact that most Taiwanese speak the Chinese language helps, but the island is also "not very strict" about punishing espionage, he adds. "This has an effect on willingness to spy for China, if you think the 'downside risks' aren't so serious."

Mr Newsham also says Taiwan did not have a robust system for restricting access to classified information until recently."...
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