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MGySgt James Forward
There will still be differences, married not married, eating in the chow hall, authorized to mess separately, special pays, special duty. The list goes on and on. No, I don't think a civilian salary is the solution. Will end costing much more than it does now with not much benefit IMHO. Can it be tweaked? Yes, but I don't think you need to take a butcher knife to it either. Semper Fi.
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I think a lot of good can come from the conversation.

There are a lot of problems with the current military pay structure. Equal pay for dramatically disparate jobs and performance levels. Raises based on longevity, not performance. Tax-free benefits that allow SM's to qualify for TANF/SNAP, while not accurately representing their income.

Whether or not the military should be a salary system, I honestly don't know. But I think a system as rife with issues as the current one is should at the minimum be evaluated, and recommendations made for improvement, from experts on the subject.
Lt Col John (Jack) Christensen
Lt Col John (Jack) Christensen
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I tend to agree with you. In essence, the military already has a salary system, but seems to me that there is lots of room for improvement in the structure of additional pay beyond that basic salary.

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